The Coffee on the Rocks Tank Advertises Your Signature Beverage

 - Mar 13, 2015
References: shop.nylon
The "coffee on the rocks" muscle tank from the Nylon Shop preemptively lets your barista know your order.

We all have our signature drink: James Bond prefers his martini shaken, not stirred; The Lewbowski's The Dude guzzles white Russians like they're water; and you? Well, now that the sun is peeking its bashful head from behind the clouds, it's time to start ordering iced coffees again!

Iced coffee is a summer beverage that gives you your much needed caffeine-boost while keeping you cool and refreshed at the same time. Along with your sunglasses, sun screen and cold caffeinated beverage, the "coffee on the rocks" muscle tank by Nylon will become an essential warm weather wardrobe staple.