Patrick Dougherty's Public Art is Ethereally Organic

 - Jun 17, 2013
References: & lostateminor
Patrick Dougherty's cocoon art has popped up everywhere from Washington D.C. to Scotland. Each of his works is created entirely out of sticks, making them purely organic pieces of art that demonstrate how beautiful nature is -- even plain, brown sticks from the forest floor.

Dougherty's works are ethereal, almost fairylike. Some of his most memorable works are three stick-made, cocoon-like houses. The houses' doorways look like a mouth, paired with the windows above that look like eyeholes. The houses are also ovular and slanted, as if they were about to fall over. This gives them the appearance of a screaming face similar to Munch's iconic work.

These works are not only built organically, but they are left in natural locations to decay and decompose naturally. Instead of moving them into galleries and trying to preserve them, Dougherty accepts that everything fades eventually -- even art.