Cloxboy Illustrates Craniums with Varied Psychedelic Effects

No one can fault artist Cloxboy for being unimaginative. Painting surreal portraits of truly bizarre subjects, Cloxboy demonstrates his wild and vivid creativity, in addition to his masterful skill at digital rendering. Whether it’s shattering robotic heads or human faces seemingly exploding towards the viewer, Cloxboy effortlessly makes his audiences raise their eyebrows while contemplating what exactly it is they are looking at. Though some of the visuals are extremely graphic, viewers will surely get past their unease in order to experience this talented artist’s incredible work.

Aside from painting these psychedelic heads, Cloxboy actually has an impressive career as an illustrator. His client list includes Universal Studios, 20th Century Fox, Lionsgate Films, Toyota Corolla and much more. In addition, he’s begun a fine arts career, exhibiting his pieces in various galleries.