Clothcap Provides a Digital Rendering of How Clothing Will Fit Your Body

 - Aug 4, 2017
References: & engadget
Trying on clothes in a retail store can be a real headache, prompting the creation of a new 4D virtual shopping assistant called design Clothcap. The product acts as an online change room, allowing consumers to gain insight into how a garment would look on their body.

On the current market, 2D digital change rooms exist, however, these renderings don't capture different angles or how clothing moves on the body. Clothcap's approach is unique as they scan a person wearing and moving in the clothing, and place that image on top of a consumer's body. This process offers a more accurate portrayal of how the clothing will drape over the body, and where it will wrinkle.

Although the technology is still being developed, its implementation could re-define a consumer's online shopping experience.