ClipLess Lets You Discreetly Stick Your Phone to Yourself

 - Jun 5, 2013
References: getclipless & springwise
Storing your smartphone in your pocket or purse may become a thing of the past thanks to ClipLess. The aptly named device lets you affix your phone to yourself or your bag without needing a clip. ClipLess comes in three parts: a mount that goes onto the back of your phone, a clip for the mount and a magnet. The magnet is strong enough so that it won't slide off when stuck to clothing or a purse.

The video here shows ClipLess in action, with users doing everything from sticking it to their shirts to jogging with it. Don't let the iPhone example throw you off. ClipLess can be used by just about all types of phones, provided they have the space for the clip.