Clipix Saves Juicy Finds on the Web

 - Mar 25, 2012
References: bitrebels & bitrebels
Clipix is just like Pinterest, except private. Have you ever browsed the web and always forgot to go back to what you wanted to check out? Clipix will be your savior.

This site allows you to set up clipboards like Pinterest. The thing is that Clipix is not a social media site where people can venture into your page and check it out. It's designed to help you keep organized and the goal is to maintain privacy.

This privacy feature allows you to keep tabs on all the things you want to see without any sharing or liking. There’s a sharing option, but only if you allow it. Many people are switching over to Clipix because of its privacy feature. With the Internet being so easily accessible to everyone’s information, Clipix is ideal if you don’t want the world cluttering your space.