D'Vinci Forgiato Radurra

 - Dec 7, 2006   Updated: Apr 14 2011
References: forgiato & ohgizmo
D'Vinci Forgiato Radurra has created innovative clear wheels for your car or motorcycle. The wheels cost roughly $5,000, so the added customization doesn't come for free. However, the look is stunning.

Implications - The incredible look is created by removing the alloy center of the wheel and replacing it with a polycarbonate center. With a glass-like finish, the see-through center almost look as if it isn't there at all. The result of D’Vinci Forgiato Radurra's process is remarkable vehicles with wheels that look as if they're rolling around disconnected from the car or bike. It is a simple, but expensive way to add a sense of futuristic whimsy to you choice of transportation.