Mark Abouzeid Contrasts Classic Portraits with Modern Photos

 - Mar 23, 2013
References: markabouzeid & faithistorment
In his portrait series 'The New New World,' photographer Mark Abouzeid compares and contrasts classic portraits with modern-day recreations done through photography.

Some of the comparative images in this series look strikingly similar, with almost the exact same clothes and positioning, but most of the images show stark differences, especially in facial features that have gradually changed over time. Another comparison being made between the paintings and photographs is the artistic technique. It is amazing to note how lifelike the classical portrait paintings are, coming very close to the photographic recreations in texture and shading.

MArk Abouzeid breathes new life into the art of classic portraits, creating an interesting study comparing past profiles and artistic techniques with the more advanced and technological-based techniques used today.