The Sassy 'Clair Huxtable: Mom Style Icon' Tumblr

The compelling and classic style of one of television’s most memorable mothers is revisited in the ‘Clair Huxtable: Mom Style Icon’ Tumblr. The blog is dedicated to analyzing the many looks of working mom Clair from The Cosby Show, whose clothes now bear a resemblance to many hipster faves.

The blog, which examines the fantastically funky fashions through each season chronologically, is both a hilariously entertaining trip down memory lane, and a great source of inspiration for readers. With an entire post dedicated to the "sassy looks" of Clair Huxtable, it’s easy to see why the site is beginning to garner quite a cult following. I absolutely love the witty commentary given on the outfits, like, "Jumpsuits: perfect for working from home. Smile at yourself and your work because you’re wearing one giant article of clothing and you look great."

The ‘Clair Huxtable: Mom Style Icon’ blog is updated several times a week to meet all your nostalgic needs. Though The Cosby Show may be gone, Clair’s awesome looks will live on forever.