Alessandro Papetti Captures Loneliness in His Cityscape Paintings

Alessandro Papetti captures the turbulent nature of urban living with his dynamic cityscape paintings. Each composition uses energetic brush strokes that take space, time and motion into account.

Though cities tend to be humming with the life and energy of the collective, individuals can often feel isolated within the tumultuous environment. Papetti's paintings provide a lonesome-in-the-crowd moment that most city-dwellers can relate to.

Papetti leaves painting equivocal and inconclusive, allowing the viewer to interpret it in their own way. Papetti explains, "I try not to tell a story when painting... Sometimes art merely underscores this fact of belonging. However, I believe that in most cases, the less we know about something, the more we perceive it for what it really is." The end result is a series that captures a poignant human experience of solitude and segregation.