Expedia's City Mash-Up Series Playfully Combines Metropolises

 - Dec 27, 2017
References: viewfinder.expedia & archdaily
Like living things, every city has a distinct feel and character that makes it completely unique, but the Expedia's city mash-up series pushes that living city metaphor a step farther. Beyond just imagining cities as living things, the playful project imagines what would happen if two cities could produce an offspring, offering up images of hybrid cities based on two real metropolises from around the world.

Expedia's city mash-up series includes seven carefully crafted images whose inspiration one could probably guess from the names alone: Rio Londoneiro, Bang York, Cape Roma, Sydnakech, Dubaris, Moscabul, Seoulhi. Each of the hybrid cities' images contains several landmark buildings from each locale. The images work to include hybrid geographical aspects of each as well.