This Recipe Ingeniously Merges Sweet Cinnamon Bun Flavors into a Loaf

Bread gets a sweet update with this delicious cinnamon bread recipe that transforms a bland loaf with a sweet filling inspired by cinnamon buns. Not to be confused with cinnamon raisin bread, this cinnamon bread doesn't contain dried fruits and it features an elegant swirl of cinnamon glaze in the middle of each slice.

Making bread at home can be a bit labor intensive, but it allows consumers to customize the flavors as well as the ingredients. This recipe makes a standard white loaf from water, milk, sugar, flour and dry yeast. Once the dough is made it can be rolled with a filling made from butter, sugar and cinnamon that will create a swirl in the baked dough. As the bread bakes the cinnamon filling binds creating a sweet glaze inside each slice.