Christopher Bucklow Presents Awe-Inspiring Artwork

 - Jan 7, 2012
References: chrisbucklow & mymodernmet
Christopher Bucklow is a talented artist, and his most recent work shows his affinity for rendering glowing figures.

British artist Christopher Bucklow has created sparkling pieces of artwork that have been exhibited all over the world, including the Danziger Gallery in New York. This series titled 'Guests' involves his subject's silhouettes shaped on aluminum foil. He then puts in about 20,000 tiny pin holes into the foil silhouettes, and then places these over photographic paper. He then exposes this paper to the sunlight and the result is amazing sun-streamed work.

Although an incredible amount of detail goes into his work, the renderings look quite minimalist. When put up against the light, it's hard not to be mesmerized by these drawings.