The Christian Louboutin Men's Store Opens in North America

Christian Louboutin shoes are not longer just for the ladies; with the grand opening of the brand's first North American men's boutique, the design house is looking to expand its range and offer a fresh take on men's style at the Christian Louboutin men's store.

The iconic red sole of Loutboutin shoes is known all over the world, and can now be found on the bottom of some seriously hip new designs for men. From funky leopard print high-tops to classically elegant loafers, the new collection is nothing short of unpredictable and innovative. Louboutin got into the mens shoe industry by accident when a pair of custom-made loafers were a bit too big for the female customer. They were soon snatched up by another patron for her husband and the rest is history. The shop is located in New York's Midtown East district and is the first of several that will be popping up worldwide in the coming months.