A Look at Nadege's Tasty Chocolate Tablets

 - Jun 17, 2013
References: youtube & nadege-patisserie
Since its opening in 2009, Nadege Patisserie has sky-rocketed to the top of Toronto's gourmet dessert scene, tantalizing visitors with its delectable desserts and scrumptious sweets, including its new collection of alphabetized chocolate tablets. Displayed alongside the patisserie's endless macaron flavors, fruit-topped tarts and other mouthwatering confections, these chocolate tablets make up a series of 26 different chocolate flavors, each one corresponding to a different letter.

To find out the inspiration behind this creative and varied collection, we sat down with Nourian Nadege, the owner and chef of Nadege Patisserie.

1. Tell us a little about your chocolate tablet collection and how you were inspired to create this A-Z flavor collection.

I started the concept about a year ago. The idea was to create the whole alphabet with each letter corresponding to a flavor. The alphabet corresponds to French letters, so "A" is "amande" and "B" is "banane," etc. Each chocolate is mixed with different ingredients, while the packaging is done by price. Every letter is a different color, and they've each been created with an old machine from the 1940s, so it’s a really unique concept.

2. Are there any particularly popular flavors right now?

It depends on the season and what people are looking for, but right now the "Q" is very popular. It’s the "quatre noix," or "four nuts." The "V" is also popular: it’s the Venezuelan dark chocolate, at about 72% dark.

3. How do you stay creative with your different recipes?

I just always keep going with new ideas, and I keep up with food trends. If there’s a flavor that we see is trending, we really try to bring it out and experiment, to see what could be done with it.

4. What do you think makes Nadege different than other pastry or sweet shops?

The displays at the front: they create quite an experience for sure.