Chocolate Naive Brings it Back to Basics with Traditional Techniques

 - Dec 17, 2014
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While many companies around the world rely on mass production to get their products out to as many people as they can in as short a timeframe as possible, others such as Chocolate Naive focus on what really matters: the craft. There is a craft to what Chocolate Naive does that will fascinate many people. At the same time, it shows that going back to basics is something many industries are benefiting from on a consumer standpoint.

By embracing traditional techniques, Chocolate Naive creates their chocolate by hand from bean to bar in a little town named Parapijoniskes, which lies on the Eastern side of Lithuania. Chocolate Naive writes, "We take great pride in informing eaters not only where we source our cacao beans from, but who actually produces our honey or which farmer supplies the butter for making the caramel."