These Chocolate Bites Contain Fresh Pomegranate Antioxidant

Chocolate desserts filled with sweet centres often peak the interest of many with a sweet tooth, and these Homemade Chocolate Pom Poms are a much healthier and wholesome alternative to a purchased chocolate bar. The bonbons are made using a few ingredients and are filled with fresh fruits.

Pomegranates are a great fresh sweet alternative to add to desserts because of the fruit's naturally sugary taste and antioxidant properties. These chocolates are simply made by melting down chocolate chips, adding fresh pomegranate seeds and freezing the mixture in an ice cube tray overnight. This allows consumers to customize the size of the portions as well, to suit their diets and eating habits.

As consumers search for less processed sweet indulgences, fresh fruit offers an naturally sweet substitute to processed toppings and fillings.