The Chiuet Table Looks Like a Two-Dimensional Drawing

 - Oct 9, 2011
References: design-jay &
At first glance, the Chiuet Table looks like a stick drawing with its thin design. However, upon closer inspection, this fragile-looking piece of furniture is not only three-dimensional, but also quite sturdy thanks to its stunning cantilevered structure.

Created by Design Jay, the Chiuet Table is made out of sheet metal and steel pipes. Sleek and simple, the minimalist aesthetic of the Chiuet Table lends a smart and surreal addition to any home. Although the Chiuet Table looks like it could be swallowed up by its surroundings, placed in the right room, the design is sure to stand out with its unique style. The Chiuet Table shows that an object does not have to be loud and bold to make a statement.