The Chirp Alarm Clock Ensures Your Roommate Stays Asleep

 - Jan 11, 2012
References: quirky & ohgizmo
The makers of the Chirp alarm clock know that when you share a room with another person, it can be really annoying when her alarm clock goes off but you're still scheduled for a couple more hours of shut-eye.

The Chirp alarm clock is a product that you can buy for your roommate or yourself if the two of you are running on separate schedules and need to wake up at different times. The alarm clock is designed to make your pillow vibrate rather than release an irritating alarm sound. It comes with a clip that you simply attach to your pillow case to make it vibrate when it's time for you to get up. Should the vibrating clip not be enough to wake you from your slumber, a backup alarm will sound. And when you've finally woken yourself up, all you have to do is put the clip back into its dock so you don't lose it.