Will It Be A Tourist Magnet?

 - Apr 11, 2007
References: bbc
China is to create the world's first 'Woman Town' - where women make all the decisions and disobedient men face punishments.

According to reports, the area of Chongqing is set to convert its Shuangqiao district into Woman Town.

It's slogan "A woman never makes a mistake. A man can never reject a woman's request" will be carved into the town gates.

It is hoped that it will promise tourism and they hope it will be a very good destination for entertainment and relaxation. Any tour groups entering would have to follow the rules that female members play the deciding role, concerning shopping and other items of the itinerary.

They are also are drafting a township law, which stipulates clearly how men should be punished and for what. Suggested punishments include washing dishes!