These BBDO Germany Safety Ads are Both Horrific and Humorous

 - Aug 10, 2013
References: adsoftheworld & lostateminor
Children's safety is a serious issue, especially for new parents. To address this issue, ad agency BBDO Germany has released a series of print ads showing stuffed animals in various states of death and decay. One of these prints, depicting Bambi being stabbed with a huge meat cleaver, is especially memorable. By combining a classic children's character with gory, adult themes, BBDO Germany has created an ad that is both effective and memorable.

With these ads, parents will definitely be prompted to add safety features to their children's rooms. However, there is a noticeable comedic element in these ads. Seeing a stuffed unicorn impaling a teddy bear with its magical horn, or Bambi with a knife lodged in his rear end, is darkly humorous. Combining horror with cuteness is a hilarious juxtaposition that is sure to grab people's attention at once.