'Chicogoisms' by Eisenschmidt + Mekinda Examines the Archives

Chicogoisms is an exhibition put on at the Art Institute of Chicago that goes through the archives of the city. Five principles serve as the driving force behind the installation: "vision shapes history, optimism trumps planning, ambition overcomes nature, technology makes spectacle, and crisis provokes innovation," as stated on DesignBoom.

Different architects from around the city also contributed to the exhibition, making more modern models based on these five principles. These were then displayed in juxtaposition with the various archives from Chicago's past. Another driving factor for the exhibition was to remind people of the early days of the metropolis, and understand what made the place what it is today. With so much development happening in the young years of Chicago, many people there today would like to see this growth continue.

Photo Credits: designboom, chicagohistory.org