This Flavored Popcorn Snack is Infused with a Chicken Skin Seasoning

 - Sep 23, 2015
References: youtube & instructables
Popcorn is often infused with a variety of sweet to savory flavors to heighten the popped kernels' taste and this recipe cleverly seasons the snack with crispy chicken skin. While the idea might sound bizarre at first, chicken skin is filled with sodium making it a great and flavorful seasoning substitute for popcorn.

To recreate this crispy chicken skin popcorn, begin by saving the chicken skin from a roast dinner. Infused the chicken with a flavored salt of your choosing before baking the skin further in the oven. This will turn the skin into a jerky texture that is super crisp and perfect for crumbling. A pestle and mortar can be used to chop the skin up thinly into small pieces that can then be sprinkled directly onto freshly popped popcorn.