Chicago Tribune Trend Hunter

 - Dec 10, 2010
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Trend Hunter was recently cited in Chicago Tribune for our extensive list of features on futuristic cellphone gadgets. Touching upon the ideas of wrist-wrapped cellulars and 3D interfaces, the article gives an interesting overview of the most intriguing concept phones that have hit the Internet world.

More than 400 concepts were submitted to the third annual LG Mobile Phones design competition this year, which involved more than $80,000 in prizes. Winning models included 3-D interfaces, a so-called Flutter phone that opens like a fan to reveal a touch screen, even a phone for the blind with a Braille keyboard.

Design blog and the Trend Hunter site both have long lists of such futuristic models.

But perhaps the next big breakthrough in phone construction will be models that are flexible and can be wrapped around wrists like a watch or twisted into a bud that attaches to the user's ear.

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