The Chef’s Table by Design Milk Engages Guests with Culinary Crea

 - May 1, 2013
References: design-milk
The Chef’s Table is a piece of furniture that will impress people in two distinct ways. First of all, the Chef’s Table boasts a beautiful design that is at once simple and sculptural. The thick surface of the table has been rested on a pair of sawhorse legs, which was inspired by the idea of a workbench where artisans work with their hands and practice their craft. The additional use of crown molding brings to mind the flowing lines of a tablecloth, adding a nice touch of warmth. To finish, the Chef’s Table is borderless to give it a more infinite feel.

Secondly, the Chef’s Table is meant to be used as a sort of performance piece. As Design Milk puts it, it "is an engaging presentation that brings the kitchen out to the party."