17-Year-Old Charlotte Abramow's Photography Shows Her Love of Life

Some of the most enjoyable photography to look through shows off a playful love of life, just as each of these captures by Charlotte Abramow undoubtedly does. While a simple look through each of these captures is enough to already impress viewers,realizing a 17-year-old is behind the lens makes this photography even more spectacular.

Charlotte Abramow captures seemingly candid moments with a variety of similarly aged teenage models within her fashion photography. Simpy put, there is no denying that Charlotte Abramow is photographer worthy keeping an eye out for!

Implications - Many companies continue to remain budget-conscious in this age of economic uncertainty and should be continuously considerate of ways to cut back costs. Companies should consider glamorizing simplicity -- like Charlotte Abramow does with grocery stores or the outdoors -- as a way to minimize production costs.