Charles Paul Wilson III Combines Winnie the Pooh with Crime Fighters

This series of Superhero and Winnie the Pooh mash-up art was created by deviantARTIST Charles Paul Wilson III. These crime fighters look adorable now that they have become cute cartoon characters.

The Hulk has been combined with Pooh Bear to create a lovable green animal that gets angry when he doesn't have his honey. In one illustration, his little friend Pigverine stands on top of his stomach as the two blankly stare at each other. One depiction mimics the classic image of Pooh Bear getting stuck by replacing him with the Hulk who is trapped in the 'Werm Hole Exparimunt.' The other Avengers just stare at him not really sure what to do.

Charles Paul Wilson III does a brilliant job combining two major pop culture genres with these superhero mash-ups.