The Chandelier Map Necklace Recycles Old Home Decor Trinkets

 - Nov 29, 2012
References: etsy & etsy
The delicate features of the Chandelier Map Necklace incorporate the travel-savvy and fabulous sense of French-inspired home decor. The crystal baubles of the necklace are recycled from old French country lamps and have appliqued maps on one end. The map shines through the glass piece to give it a prismatic feature unlike any other necklace.

This jewelry piece is then attached to a long silver chain so easy chic fun. The Chandelier Map Necklace can also be used to to reattach to an light fixture if the necklace is not of your desire. The adorable off setting of the map and crystal make for an interesting pair. Simply choose the area you desire and it is made for you.