These Cesc Grane Creatures are Inspired by Japanese Lore

 - May 17, 2012
References: ceskills &
Barcelona, Spain-based illustrator Cesc Grane works in the ever-evolving medium of digital illustration. This dynamic field allows for lots of creative exploration and, as such, requires its practitioners to be particularly focused; it's fruitful to explore and experiment, but it's also often necessary to buckle down and develop a coherent style. This is not a problem for Grane.

The artist draws much of his inspiration from Japanese aesthetics as found in his illustrations, animation and toy design. The cutesy, kawaii look of the style is breathlessly cogent but also allows for much flexibility. An advantage to those who employ this aesthetic is that they are free to explore varied subjects while easily maintaining stylistic coherence through such exploration. For example, in the character design featured here, Grane depicts various monsters from Japanese folklore as cute, cuddly creatures.