From Minimalistic Ruffled Couture to Soft Fairytale Fashion

 - Jul 17, 2013
With fashion stylings of the past continuously making its way back onto modern runways and mainstream designs, there's no surprise as to why these ruffled fashion styles are making such a bold impact with their Victorian references.

The Victorian era was filled with tones of visually striking period pieces such as tight corset ensembles and stunning floor-length gowns, and one of the most eye-catching features from that decade has to be the use of ruffled clothing and frilly designs. The re-emergence of ruffled ensembles in modern day fashion lines serves to showcase how styles that were popular back in the day are now being merged with current design features to create a nostalgic and visually striking collection.

From Sci-Fi robot gowns to blossoming fashion looks, these ruffled styles are incorporating traditional Victorian inspirations with modern day designs to create stunningly unique ensembles.