Shelby Walsh Shares Her Favorite CES 2015 Wearables and Body Monitors

 - Jan 14, 2015
Last week at the annual Consumer Electronics Show hosted in Las Vegas, there was no shortage of impressive technological innovations including the array of CES 2014 wearables. Trend Hunter President Shelby Walsh discusses her top finds for body tracking and monitoring wearables that were showcased at this year's event.

From baby's temperature, dog's fitness and biometric shirts, these CES 2015 wearables address so much more than your average fitness tracker. The FitBark, for example, goes beyond human physical health to ensure man's best friend is taken care of as well. A line of biometric clothing for teens and kids that monitors fitness in real-time was also on display. In another effort to include a wider range of age groups, temperature-tracking soothers were unveiled. The InBody Band is also taking fitness tracking to a new level, as it measures body mass, fat percentage and other comprehensive health factors.