This Infographic Details Some CES 2013 Products

With CES 2013 now over, it's time to examine what was hot this year. This infographic picks out several cool devices that made their debut at CES 2013, and gives some details about why they’re worth looking out for.

The top TV pick for CES 2013 is the Toshiba Ultra HD 4K TV - L9300, which converts standard 1080p resolution content to 4K via its dual processor. It also uses Toshiba’s cloud TV platform.

The best smartphone pick of CES 2013 is the Sony Xperia, which is actually completely waterproof. It also has a 5" display, 13 megapixel camera and 16 GB of storage space.

For gamers the best pick is the Project Shield from Nvidia, which is a handheld gaming console that can also communicate with your television.