With jOG-S21, Your Character Doesn't Move Until You Do (CES 2009)

 - Jan 7, 2009
References: newconceptgaming & ohgizmo
The jOG-S21 is a peripheral that attaches to your PS2 or Wii and takes over the joystick. There’s a separate jOG clip that you attach to your waistband, and from that point forward your character on the screen only moves when you jog in place. Every Wii gamer knows that while you can certainly swing, box or jog in place at your television, you can also control game movements with a flick of the wrist--a far less strenuous option. The jOG-S21 aims to circumvent such cheating.

According to the jOG-S21 website, "jOG measures the steps you take and translates them to movement on screen." This makes me wonder if more vigorous jogging allows your character to move faster.