The Eatmecrunchy Cereal Bowl Keeps Your Cereal from Getting Soggy

 - Feb 15, 2013
References: eatmecrunchy & foodbeast
The ingenious cereal bowl called, 'Eatmecrunchy,' allows people to eat their cereal without the anxiety of the dreaded bowl of mush.

Instead of rushing to finish your cereal before it gets all soggy and sloppy, eaters will be able to take their time and enjoy their meal. This will also provide health benefits, because eating slowly promotes better food portion management.

The cereal bowl design works by seperating the milk from the cereal. By doing this, the bowl is able to responsibly sift just a tad of cereal at a time into the milk. Things get too out of control when too cereal and milk get together for too long and this bowl hopes to fix that.