From Organic Fast Food Teas to All-Natural Frozen Meals

 - Jun 11, 2015
From all-natural frozen meals to organic menu item additions, there are many ways in which brands are adapting to meet the desires of health-conscious consumers.

Fast food restaurants like McDonald's and Wendy's have begun experimenting with natural and organic menu items that suggest marketers are willing to reinvent staple food products in order to appeal to the discerning Millennial demographic. While McDonald's has added several kale-infused salads, Wendy's has added a handful of organic tea beverages thanks to a partnership with Honest Teas.

Additionally, consumer packaged goods have also begun to re-position themselves as a means to avoid the dreaded junk food aisle designation in grocery stores. With all-natural ingredient lists finding their way into the frozen meals section, it proves that brands are willing to adapt to growing consumer concern around the quality and origin of the food they ingest.