Kellogg’s Created an Installation with Krave Cereal at Comic-Con

At this year's Comic-Con, Kellogg's created a unique cereal art installation using its own Krave cereal. Artwork was created on-site at Nerd HQ by comic book artist Francis Manapul, who created multiple installations using cereal over the course of Comic-Con—each intricate cereal art installation piece took about five hours to complete. The stunt was accompanied by a poster that invited attendees to share a "nerd craving."

Many food and beverage brands have taken to creating everything from posters, billboards and art pieces using their own products. In the case of Kellogg's, Comic-Con is the perfect destination for the cereal brand to show off its new Krave cereal to a group of consumers, particularly young groups of students who need easy breakfasts and quick late-night snacks.