Godeleine De Rosamel Incorporates Environmental Elements to Her Work

 - Feb 8, 2018
References: stephaniechefas & juxtapoz
Los Angeles-based artist Godeleine de Rosamel is showcasing her quirky ceramic figurines at an exhibition by Stephanie Chefas Projects. 'Selfies' is a collection of miniature sculptures that differs from the artist's previous work and is assumed to be "more primitive or direct." Rosamel draws inspiration from nearby surroundings, intently noticing color shifts, interesting shapes and captivating textures. The ceramic figurines in Selfies comment on nomadic traditions that are forgotten in the digital age. The artist imagines that if her non-tech creatures were to come to life, they would prefer non-tech forms of selfies as well. So each piece is paired with an illustrated ceramic plate.

Sculpting ceramic figurines that are "faithful to the early human artist preoccupation with other living [things]," Rosamel entertains a simple and tangible aesthetic "with distinct bumps and grooves."

Photo Credits: Stephanie Chefas Projects