Nékter Juice Bar's Six-Day Celery Juice Detox Supports Healthy Digestion

With the start of a new year, many health-conscious consumers will be looking to press the reset button and start fresh with a juice cleanse—inspired by the popularity of celery juice and its ability to support multiple systems of the body, Nékter Juice Bar is now offering its 6-Day Celery Detox Cleanse.

Celery juice has emerged as "one of nature's most powerful healing juices" and helps to support good digestion, immunity and even mental health. The branded cleanse supplies consumers with 16-ounce bottles of cold-pressed celery juice, which are enhanced with fresh lemon and mint for added taste.

Over the course of the six-day juice cleanse, participants are to drink one of the bottles on an empty stomach, wait 30 minutes and then follow a clean diet of their choice for the rest of the day.