These Celebrity Portraits Are Made with Over 5,000 Candy Pieces

 - Nov 24, 2012
References: ripleys & odditycentral
These celebrity portraits are the literal definition of "eye candy." Marilyn Monroe, along with Michael Jackson, Madonna, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj, are depicted here in all candy portraits.

Florida-based artist Cristiam Ramos created these large-scale celebrity portraits by using over 5,000 pieces of candy including gum, hard candy, gummy bears and licorice.

Depending on the size of the portrait, some of Ramos' portraits sell for as much as $18,000. While they are handcrafted and completely unique as a pop culture memorabilia item, $18,000 could get you a whole lot of gummy bears.

Another question you might ask yourself when thinking of purchasing one of these all candy celebrity portraits is whether or not you resist the urge to pull off a strand of hair for a snack.