‘Dose' Gum & LEGO Portraits Campaign

 - Dec 13, 2008
References: dose & coloribus
With the media’s obsession with Oprah weight and the Khloe Kardashian and Jessica Alba Photoshop allegations, these new ads from celebrity news portal, Dose.ca, are very appropriate and well-timed. The ads reveal the cruel reality about how our societies treat celebrities, we idolize & worship them, but we can’t wait to burn them at the stake at any downfall.

A Tom Cruise portrait made from LEGO pieces comes with the copy, "Build them up. Break them down." A Paris Hilton portrait made from gum reads, "Chew them up. Spit them out," and a knitted Amy Winehouse portrait comes with the tagline, "Watch them form. Watch them unravel."

I like how this ad campaign is honest about what they sell. It’s kind of like the cancer warning that is printed on cigarette boxes.

The ad campaign was created by Rethink Communications, Vancouver with art director Rob Tarry, creative directors Chris Staples & Ian Grais, and copywriter Lisa Lebedovich.