The Catenary Pottery Printer Produces Bowls in Sagging Fabric

 - Nov 6, 2013
References: gt2p & dezeen
Reading the name "Catenary Pottery Printer," you might be inclined to expect a cutting-edge device that excels in the unique production of crockery. You will see, however, that this process is of the manual sort, requiring meticulous craftsmanship and plenty of hands-on time in the making.

Dezeen Magazine describes the method as an "analogue version of parametric design." The Great Things to People (gt2p) studio has assembled a wooden frame and suspended a piece of fabric from its top from all four corners. With plenty of slack, the cloth of the Catenary Pottery Printer sags deeply, creating a soft concave space. Clay is poured into this material mold, then gently squeezed out from the top and bottom. This finally produces one-of-a-kind bowls, dishes and vases that have delicate ruffled edges.