This Cat Furniture From CatastrophiCreations is Great for a Playful Cat

 - Jan 30, 2014
References: etsy & etsy
If you and your cat share a lover for gaming (or more appropriately that he watches while you waste away the hours,) then this cat furniture is perfect for the two of you. Now your favorite feline can play your favorite classic game in real life. This cat contraption is so cool, you may become jealous of your feline friend.

Handmade by Etsy seller CatastrophiCreations, this nerdy cat furniture is shaped to look like a level from the classic Super Mario games. Not only does one section of the fixture look like a prize box, a frisky feline can actually go into the tubes. Hang the complex on your wall, close enough for your cat to reach the bottom of the underneath tube. Climbable material allows your cat to pull itself up the tube and onto the walkway. Then the passage on top also lets him go down it.