From Contemporary Cat Beds to Bridge-Like Pet Loungers

 - Aug 20, 2015
Whether a cat is mischievous, loving or strangely hard to please, all felines love luxurious cat beds to lounge in. With so many cat-lovers out there, a wide variety in styles of cribs exist.

One of these comfy cradles is the 'Indiana Jones Cat Bridge' for the adventurer in every kitten. It is a hammock-like bridge that can be hung between two shelves up high on a wall. Though its roped wooden panels may seem precariously connected, the bridge is soundly crafted and cats love to slink onto it after an eventful hike around the house.

Similarly designed with an adventurous cat in mind, the adorable 'Star Wars Landspeeder Cat Bed' provides a comfy spot for cats to play on or rest in.