These Cute Cat Tents are Made from Old T-Shirts

 - Jul 8, 2014
References: makezine & makezine
If you happen to have a bunch of old T-shirts laying around and you’re cat needs a new place to sleep, why not turn those unused T-shirts into a series of nifty cat tents?

Cats love to play so making a miniature cat-sized tent for them to snuggle up in makes perfect sense. To make this DIY cat tent all you need are two plastic rods, a needle and some thread. Start by sewing the bottom of the T-shirt shut to create a closed, pillow-case like shape. Then place two plastic bendy rods diagonal inside the T-shirt using the neck hole. The height of your cat tent can be adjusted depending on the length of the rods. The T-shirt neck hole conveniently becomes your cat’s personal entrance into their brand new tent.