Castlight Health Helps Companies Use Big Data for Employee Health

 - Feb 19, 2016
References: cbsnews & castlighthealth
Castlight Health is a health benefits platform that's using big data as a tool that will help companies tap into employee health. The platform offers employee healthcare insurance at a low cost and in the process, collects medical data that can be used to make suggestions for improving overall health. For instance, if a woman stops filling her birth control prescription and is of a certain age, Castlight Health will take steps to help this woman find an OB/GYN and offer tips for prenatal care.

CVS Health, Adobe and Walmart are a few major companies that are making use of Castlight Health's platform to offer cost-effective health benefit programs to employees.

While there have been some concerns voiced about the potential misuse of big data, Castlight Health emphasizes that personal data is not used to single out individuals to employers: "We'll tell them 200 employees across the organization are considering surgery, but they can't drill down and say it was Jane Smith."