The EaTheremin Adds Sound Bites to an Otherwise Ordinary Fork

 - Jan 4, 2013
References: youtube & incrediblethings
What better way to make lunchtime more enjoyable than having your utensils shout out sounds as you eat? The EaTheremin fork plays various sounds as you eat based on the different shape and texture of the food. From chomping noises to varying sound bites, the EaTheremin takes the dining experience to a whole other level incorporating fun and excitement into eating.

Equipped with a battery, speaker, microcontroller and amplifier, this musical fork is designed to encourage people to try and experiment with eating different things. Maybe you’ll try eating your most dreaded vegetable just to hear what sound it makes when you eat it!

The video even displays what seems like a screaming noise, which may be either shocking or amusing to a potential eater! Nonetheless, the EaTheremin takes dining to a more interactive level, letting people have fun with their food.