This Technology Allows Cars to Communicate with One Another

During this year's 'Tokyo Motor Show' Toyota plans to reveal a new system that enables cars to communicate with one another. In recent years, car companies have begun using new technology to improve the way cars interact with the surrounding environment. This new system helps cars communicate with people and other automobiles in order to improve overall safety.

Toyota's Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) is an on-board device that allows cars to communicate with other vehicles. The car-to-car communication system is designed to alert drivers to the presence of other vehicles in situations where they might not be visible. For example, if a driver is coming around a bend or moving towards a blind junction, ITS will be able to let the driver know that another vehicle is approaching. In addition to making driving a safer activity, ITS can also help authorities manage traffic. The system can let officials know how many cars are on the road in real time, which can help when managing congestion or roadside accidents.

While many cars are equipped with cameras that help drivers see what is around them, these cameras are limited to the immediate field of view. ITS helps cars communicate with one another so that drivers are more aware of their surroundings.