This Carlos Agell Design is Ultra-Modern and Old-School

The past is full of many inspiring things; however, few people would consider 19th transportation technology as something to inform modern vehicle design yet designer Carlos Agell sees a few things most people don't.

His concept bike is based on the 'Penny-Farthing' bicycle that first made its appearance in the 1800s. It's name was derived from its rather disproportionate design. The front wheel of this vehicle is much larger than the rear wheel; the difference in size between the two wheels is reminiscent of a farthing and penny coin, if the farthing were to represent the front wheel and the penny, the rear wheel.

Still, Agell's design is more fitting with something found in the movie 'Tron' than most relics of the 19th century. Although, it's shape is retro-inspired, the rest of it is decidedly futuristic.