Relationship Ambassadors From Sahara Care House

 - Aug 7, 2007
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Sahara Care House is an Indian company that saw a huge earning opportunity when it looked at the needs of immigrants and their families. To major values of the Indian culture and family safety and giving gifts, and the company found a way to spin these into a very successful business.

In a world where people are able to customize their wants and needs (like that venti, extra-hot, non-fat, sugar-free vanilla, dry cappuccino), they appreciate the opportunity to pick and choose whenever it arises.

Instead of simply sending money home, Sahara members can select from a variety of goods and services to have shipped to relatives in their native lands. 3,500 “relationship ambassadors” are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to supply services for Indians residing overseas. They'll deliver anything from flowers, to gifts, clothes and even photos. They'll even let you cover mom's household utility bills from wherever you're residing. Your little sister needs to go to the hospital? No problem, a relationship ambassador will accompany her.