These Drawings Focus on Expressive and Detailed Facial Features

 - Oct 17, 2015
References: hopegangloff & hifructose
Hope Gangloff's quirky caricature portraits have a unique combination of exaggerated facial expressions and highly realistic depictions. It is difficult to tell from the these images that Gangloff isn't actually trying to recreate an accurate portrait, but is instead drawing images of her subject's likeness. Gangloff acknowledges that each of her paintings have a certain "randomness" that keeps her interested throughout the painting process.

The caricature portraits drawn by Gangloff tend to exaggerate details in people's facial features, hands and feet. When drawing inspiration from her subjects, Gangloff focuses on these areas intensely. Rather than shying away from people's insecurities, Gangloff makes an effort to highlight these and bring out people's vulnerabilities even in the most private of moments. The paintings vary in tones from serious to playful, all of which are expressive and visually striking.